Colorado Springs Chiropractor Dr. Alphonse Simeone provides Objective and Holistic care based on Scientific Principles

Why Neuro-Structural Chiropractic?

Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care offers an objective & holistic approach to treating secondary conditions (symptoms) that prevent people from enjoying life to the fullest. Rather than chasing symptoms, we use objective measurements to pin-point structural shifts that directly cause nerve inflammation.

Because no two spines are the same, we use Full Spine Structural X-Rays to see the condition of the entire spine which allows us to identify primary structural shifts that directly cause nerve inflammation as well as compensations which do not.  We use a less is more type of approach to correct the structural alignment of the spine, focusing on areas that are causing nerve inflammation & injury to relieve secondary conditions (symptoms), allowing our patients to get back to the things that they enjoy like playing sports, skiing/snowboarding and hiking.

We also incorporate a stabilization phase to ensure that the spine and muscle memory become accustomed to its new alignment, preventing a repeated injury from occurring.

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Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Exam

Our Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Exam is used to identify structural shifts within the spine that directly causes nerve inflammation. Full Spine Structural X-Rays are used to see the condition of the entire spine and to identify when and where the spine has shifted outside of a normal range. Objective measurements are used to identify where nerve inflammation exists.  All of this information is used to create a treatment plan that is aimed at reaching the patient's goals which are discussed during the health history.

Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care

The goal of Neuro-Structural Chiropractic Care is to make a long-term structural correction to the spine while removing nerve inflammation. Secondary Conditions, symptoms, are relieved as structural shifts are corrected in an objective and holistic approach to care. Small corrections are made over a period of time to realign the structure of the spine within a normal range, similar to how an Orthodontist corrects structurally misaligned teeth.

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