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Baseball players are always looking for a competitive edge. When you play a sport that considers getting on base 3 or 4 times out of 10 a success, it becomes easy to understand why everyone is looking for an advantage. Most people know that baseball players utilize chiropractic to prevent injuries and improve their sustainability, but they also use it to gain a competitive edge. From 2019 NL MVP Christian Yelich to our local student athletes, baseball players can see a wide range of benefits from chiropractic care. This article is going to review 3 top reasons why baseball players utilize chiropractic as a means to gain a competitive edge.

Mobility and Athletics

Mobility is an important aspect of any sport, whether it is baseball, basketball or football, athletes must be able to move with fluidity to perform at their highest level. Baseball players can benefit from chiropractic similarly to how golfers can benefit due to the amount of torque that is placed throughout their spine during a swing or throwing a baseball, especially for pitchers. The rotational motion that is needed to throw a baseball or swing a bat is paramount to executing a proper swing or throw to generate as much force as a baseball player can through the ball. These rotational motions place a high amount of stress on the discs between each vertebra (Spinal bone) causing them to experience wear and tear and to eventually break down over time if the spine is not taken care of properly and maintained. This alone is one reason why an athlete’s career may be shortened.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Staying on the topic Baseball players gaining a competitive edge through chiropractic care, athletes experience traumas to the body that can cause the spine to shift away from a proper alignment. In Baseball this could occur when a player is sliding into a base, diving to make a catch or even standing in the field with poor posture game after game which is considered a repetitive motion injury. These structural shifts cause the bones to get stuck out of proper alignment commonly injuring the nerve system that it would normally protect when the spine is within a normal functional range. Once the spine shifts outside of its normal functional range a baseball players or any athlete for that matter may experience secondary conditions (Symptoms) caused by a nerve injury due to a structural shift of the spine.

Baseball and Chiropractic

Baseball players benefit from chiropractic because they need to create a rotational force through their spine to play the game. Pitchers and Hitters who have structural shifts of their spine are limited in how much rotation they can create due to a decreased range of motion caused by a bone in the spine that is STUCK out of proper alignment. This causes the joints above and below the structural shift to overwork, leading to increased wear and tear on the discs, muscles and nerve system surrounding the area. When the spine is compromised in a case like this it will compensate to make up for the difference in lossed range of motion causing the body to function in a way that causes Micro-Traumas to the body. It is like driving a car with tires that are out of alignment, the car will still run and you can get to where you want to go but those tires are going to get worn out quicker than they should and you are going to need to replace them sooner then you otherwise would need to. The same concept occurs within the body except we are talking about some of the most important structures in the body that protect the spinal cord and nerve system.

Nerve Inflammation

In addition to a decreased range of motion, baseball players may experience nerve inflammation caused by these structural shifts. When the spine shifts outside of a normal functional range it will injure the nerve system. I want to make sure that importance of the nerve system is understood. We know through science that the brain controls and coordinated every function of the body. It is what tells our heart to beat, lungs to breath, food to digest along with 1000 other things that we don’t think of but is constantly occurring within our bodies. The brain also controls the coordination of our bodies, hand-eye coordination, balance and proprioception (Knowing where our body is in space, Ex) diving to catch a ball). The brain uses the nerve system as the roadway for communication between itself and the rest of the body.

Importance of the Spine

Different nerves exit the spinal cord between each bone in the spine and travel to different parts of the body. The nerves that exit the lower back travel into the legs & feet but also travel to the lower digestive tract, bladder and reproductive organs whereas the nerves that exit the lower part of the neck travel to the shoulders, arms & hands as well as to the thyroid, heart and lungs. If a nerve injury exists it will cause an interruption of the message that is sent from the brain to the body and vice versa. This causes a lack of coordination, decreased hand-eye coordination, decreased balance and proprioception, not to mention a decreased mobility due to the spine being limited in its range of motion.

Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

As a Chiropractic in Colorado Springs who specializes with athletes of a variety of sports I have realized that sometimes athletes reach a plateau in developing their game that has little to do with the equipment they’re using and the coaches they’re working with; both are doing exactly what they need to but sometimes the results just don’t show up on the baseball diamond, football field or basketball court depending on what sport the athlete plays. Through observation of these athletes at all levels and a variety of sports I realized that many of them were dealing with the same issue. I noticed that they were suffering from a physical limitation that did not allow them to properly execute when they need to most. It’s because of this that I developed a protocol for my average client to improve their coordination and mobility while improving their sustainability so that they can do what they enjoy for the long haul. As a result, my clients are able to save money on lessons and equipment, they preserve their bodies and are able to fall back in love with the game they love.

Professional Baseball Players & Chiropractic

It speaks volumes the number of Professional Baseball Players who utilize chiropractic. Follow their example because success leaves clues if you are looking for them. Many times individuals do not know what it is that is holding them back and it takes someone from the outside looking in to identify what it is that is preventing them from achieving what it is that they want most. If you know of someone who has hit a plateau in their game, continues to spend time and money with new swing and pitching coaches and new equipment, they may be dealing with a physical limitation that is preventing them from enjoying the game and achieving the level of success that they have worked so hard to achieve. Share this information with someone you know that could benefit from chiropractic care as a way to pay it forward, you never know how it may effect that person.

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