Doctor of Chiropractic vs Medical Doctor

Colorado Springs Chiropractor – Dr. Al Simeone – Discusses Chiropractic treatment and Medical treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain.

Nerve pain, like Sciatica, often occurs due to little or big traumas to the body that cause the spine to shift outside of a normal functional range. When the spine is functioning properly it’s purpose is to allow for flexibility & mobility, give structural support for muscles as well as to protect the nerve system.

We know through science that the brain communicates and coordinates every muscle and organ in the body and the brain uses the nerve system as the roadways of communication to the body.

When an athlete or an individual experiences a structural shift of the spine outside of a normal functional range, the bones of the spine actually injure the nerves that it would normally protect. Just like any other injury in the body, inflammation arises at the area of injury. This inflammation along with the unstable structure of the spine causes pressure on the nerve which will lead to a variety of issues dependent upon where in the body the injured nerve travels to.

If the injured nerve travels down the leg, it can cause sciatica but the nerves in the lower back also travel to the bladder and bowel and

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