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Kimberly Talana

Great chiropractor! Dr. Al got me from not being able to sleep in my own bed to being able to hit a 3 rep max squat. I hurt my back deadlifting about 3 months ago and tried rehabbing myself with the PT info I knew, but I just wasn't getting any better. I couldn't work out, I was sleeping on the couch, and I was in severe back pain after sitting. So I decided to give this a try. Dr. Al explained everything thoroughly and emphasized that I'll still need to be patient. Now, about two months since treating with him, I can go back to my normal activities. My back isn't at 100%, but it's come such a long way. And Dr. Al's "homework" of ice, stretches and tips to not re-injure are very helpful. If feels great to sleep in my own bed again and to workout without without feeling scared! Thanks Dr. Al. Highly recommend!

Sean Niland

I had suffered with back problems for more than twenty-five year. After avoiding Chiropractors for decades, I finally relented at my wife's insistence and med with Dr. Simeone. I am both surprised and amazed at the results. Dr. Simeone is not only extremely well educated and trained in his field, he also exhibits an innate ability to detect and correct problems. This can only come from someone who truly loves their work and genuinely connects with patients. His listens, he shares, he educates and most importantly develops a long term program to eliminate problems permanently - not just perform a quick fix. I cannot adequately express my pleasure at working with him to successfully eliminate my back pain issues. He has quite literally improved my quality of life

Alzira Escobar-Pruitt

I've been treating with Dr. Al and I have nothing but good things to say. I'd had chiropractic treatment in the past without results. I feel as if his technique really works for me. He is a great listener and truly cares for his patients. I learned more in the two months I've treating with him, than I have from other chiros that I treated with FOR YEARS. My neck pain was absolutely debilitating and there were days I'd literally CRY, I was in so much pain. Not only is he always professional, he is extremely caring and takes the time that it takes to make sure all of your complaints are heard and addressed. He is encouraging and inspiring! The highlight of my week is going to see him not only for my physical healing but emotionally too! He'll listen and always knows the right thing to say. A true inspiration of a chiropractor! Keeps all of your information confidential and is very reasonably priced. His staff is very sweet and friendly. He is more than just a chiropractor.

Karen Butcher

I have had back issues since I was a child. I have been to many different chiropractors and still had pain. Dr. Alphonse Simeone has been successful in getting me pain free. TURLY remarkable. He is very knowledgable and believes in treating the whole person. He takes the time to lear about you and your lifestyle. He truly cares for his patients and that along with his expertise sets him apart. Thank you Dr. Alphonse you are the best.

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Veterans who want to...

  • Overcome Chronic Back, Neck, Knee, Hip or Shoulder Pain
  • Relief from Chronic Symptoms Related to Concussion & TBI
  • Correct Symptoms Related to Spinal Disc Bulges & Herniation
  • Recover from Pain & Numbness Caused by Vibration Exposure
  • Heal Nerve Related Injuries



Athletes who want to...

  • Improve Athletic Performance and Coordination
  • Recover Faster after Athletic Events & Training Sessions
  • Prevent Chronic or Repeat Injuries
  • Improve Range of Motion, Balance & Flexibility
  • Reduce Wear & Tear on the Body


Families who want to...

  • Prevent Illness Naturally by Boosting their Immune System
  • Treat and Prevent Pain Without the use of Medication
  • Have Less Tension & More Restful Sleep
  • Improve Posture
  • Help with Asthma, Allergies & Other Breathing Related Issues



“The most important part of getting people well is to take your time, give them the utmost of your ability as a chiropractor, find the correct subluxation. Accept it. Correct it. Leave it alone.”

Dr. C.S. Gonstead

Dr. Al Simeone - Powers Chiropractic Group - Chiropractor Colorado Springs - 80920
Dr. Al Simeone

Dr. Al Simeone is a Gonstead Trained Chiropractor. He has studied the various types of Spinal Disc Injuries to develop the clinical skill to treat these injuries before they lead to permanent health conditions. Dr. Al helps Veterans, Athletes & those suffering from Spinal Injuries get to the cause of their health problems & back to living their life. He has trained with Dr. Herb Wood, Gonstead Methodologies Institute & Gonstead Seminars to become 1 of about 450 Gonstead Chiropractors in the United States.

What our Patient's Say

Jody Freeland

Dr. Al is an amazing chiropractor!! A little background on me is that my Dad was one as well. So, I've been around chiropractic all my life. I had been seeing one here for over 30 years and continued to have back and neck issues. I met Dr. Al one day and we talked. He explained to me the techniques that he uses and I was intrigued. I've been seeing him for almost 3 months now and for the first time in 11 years I have no lower back pain and my neck is almost there. I'm doing activities I haven't been able to do for so long. Thank you Dr. Al for your caring hands! You are truly amazing!!!!!

Ursula Hires

When I first started seeing Dr. Simeone I was suffering from chronic migraines, neck, shoulder, arm pain and some lower back pain for many years. I was on multiple medications and going to physical therapy, which really was not correcting the problem, just a temporary fix. Dr. Simeone is very compassionate and thorough in his practice. We first had a consultation about my situation and he educates you on your body and the procedures that he will implement to help you. I have been under the care of Dr. Simeone for about 2 months and I have never felt better. My migraines , neck, shoulder and back pains have diminished and I feel as though I am truly on the road to recovery! Thank you Dr. Simeone for your care!

Michael Lawrenson

I went to see Dr. Alphonse after I hurt my back playing rugby. A few days went by and the pain started to travel down the back of my right leg, it just got to the point where I needed to do something about it. I don't like to take medications so I gave Powers Chiropractic Group a try. I liked how he took an x-ray and measured for nerve inflammation to really know where the cause of my pain was coming from. Once I started treatment I noticed a change and after a few treatments I was starting to feel like myself again. I would recommend treatments for someone who is dealing with back pain in Colorado Springs.

Ryan Blackburn

I have a passion for weightlifting, specifically Olympic style or powerlifting. At the ripe old age of 32, I've reached a point where my body (Back & Neck) has evolved to not care much for this, let alone the daily rigors of sitting in my truck or at a desk.

I had previously accepted this as my new normal condition. I lost motivation to keep up with my workout routine because it became near impossible to do my workouts without excruciating pain. Weightlifting (and exercise in general) is a keystone habit for me, so from there I began my descent down the slippery slope of justification and the next victim was my diet. "Why care about what I'm eating if I'm not exercising, what's the point?" I gained about 15 lbs over the last 4 month.

I recently began working with a trainer doing a corrective exercise continuum (CEC) program, alongside care from Dr. Al Simeone and it's made a world of difference within the first month. Back on healthy eating, down 5 lbs and feeling good. If you're experiencing pain like me, you can do something about it! Talk to Dr. Al, he will take care to develop a plan of care specific to your body to help you heal properly!

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