Ketogenic Diet & Ketones

I wanted to give a big shout out to Courtney Harris with Ginger Roots Fitness for her presentation on Keto dieting. She totally knocked it out of the park and overdelivered on value to those who were at the event. For those who wanted to attend but were not able to you can find out more about Keto Dieting check out her Facebook group dedicated to the Ketogenic Diet.

Mindset Mastery

The idea of changing or getting onto a diet can be a daunting one. There are so many things that could cause you to cheat yourself leading to a big energy output with minimal results. This isn’t just a struggle for people starting a ketogenic diet, it is a problem for people in our society in general. Most of the time this struggle is due to someone not valuing their health or the results that they are looking for as much as they value the snack or cheat food that they are craving. This same concept goes for people who started the year off strong going to the gym and then faded away around February or March.

As a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs I feel it is necessary to let those who are interested know that there are ways to rewire your brain. It is called re-myelination and it is something that everyone can do and the best part is that it is free. There are exercises, not physical exercises but mental exercises, that can challenge your thinking about certain things like food, exercise and events in your life that you have a negative perception about. These negative perceptions are what cause people to have a lower value regarding surrounding what they are struggling to achieve. Please let me know if you think this is something that you or your friends would be interested in because I will be holding a class on just how easy it is to rewire the way that you think about areas in your life. What I have found is that most people have a mental block preventing them from achieving what they think that they want when in reality that person has conflicting thoughts about the subject.

Quick Example

Let me give you a quick example: Someone sets a goal to lost 50 lbs. They try for months and month with their diet but after 6 months there is very little change. That person most likely has conflicting thoughts about losing 50 Lbs. There is a part of them that believes they will LOSE something that they value more than the value they will get from actually losing the 50 LBS. They may thing they are going to lose the ability to eat their favorite foods, lose time watching TV or playing videogames and they may also think they will lose their sense of comfort from not having to do any work.

This is something that can be changed by mentally working though the primary to quaternary benefits of the perceived losses that person thinks they will experience.

Let me give you an example

Benefits of not eating your favorite food

Getting to try new foods

         Food shopping in new isles and stores

                  Finding healthy options that taste great

                            Discovering snacks that fit within your calorie and macro targets

This can be done over and over again until you rewire your thinking to realize that there are many more benefits to losing 50 lbs than there are drawback. There are a variety of other ways to train the brain to think differently and I will be sharing those during a self-development class that I will hold at a day and time to be announced so check in regularly with what I am offering to you. I want people to understand that just because you may have dieted in the past and struggled to get results or really make a lifestyle change rather than forcing yourself on a diet does not mean that you are destined to fail.

Back to the Ketogenic Diet

I digress back to the Ketogenic diet. There are many benefits to the ketogenic diet but before I get into a few of them I want to make sure that you understand what is happening when someone is on a proper ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is aimed at getting the BRAIN & BODY to change its primary fuel from glucose (carbs) to fats (ketones). Basically, the goal is to turn yourself into a fat burner rather than a sugar burner.

Just a few benefits of the ketogenic diet include

  1. Improved Cognition (Mental Sharpness)
  2. Reduced Inflammation
  3. Appetite reduction
  4. Higher energy levels (fat contains significantly more energy than glucose)
  5. Lower blood sugar

One of the top researchers on the Ketogenic Diet and Cancer is Dr. Dom D’agostino. Click on his name to check out his official website Ketonutrition where he talks about the science and application of the ketogenic diet.


One of the reasons why I promote diets that reduce inflammation is because I treat patients in my office who are experiencing nerve inflammation. When nerve inflammation exists in the body it can be caused by a few different things. I primarily treat nerve inflammation that is the result of a structural shift of the spine that injures the nerve system. The nerves can also be injured by diet, just think about diabetic neuropathy and what it can lead to. In my office I measure specifically for nerve inflammation using objective measurements. We then pair that information with a full spine structural Xray to see the condition of the entire spine. When this information is paired it allows me to pinpoint the injured nerve and the spine has shifted away from a normal alignment resulting in the injured nerve. This is paramount in fixing a patients secondary conditions AKA symptoms. Without proper diagnostic measurements used to identify the cause of a patients secondary condition, treatment will vary in its reproducibility and end results for each patient.

During Courtney’s presentation she talked about the 5 types of ketogenic dieting and that there is no ONE size fits all method and I’d like to share them with you here.

Types of Keto Diets

The first is the Lazy Keto diet which involves no tracking or counting macros but still eating 20-30 NET carbs per day. If you don’t know what a net carb is, join Courtney’s Facebook group adventures in keto which is dedicated to ketogenic dieting. There is also a Dirty Keto diet which is when you eat what you want regardless of what is in it as long as your daily intake of net carbs is between 20-30 grams. The standard ketogenic diet is a high fat, low card, moderate protein diet sticking with 75% fats, 20% protein and 5% carbs. The fourth ketogenic diet is a cyclical ketogenic diet which follows the standard ketogenic diet for 5-6 days per week with 1-2 days of high card and low fat to replenish glycogen (sugar) stores in the body. Finally the high protein ketogenic diet is focused on those individuals who want to build muscle while on a ketogenic diet and is 60% fats, 35% proteins and 5% carbs; and YES, you did read that correctly, you can actually build muscle on a ketogenic diet.

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