Luis Vuitton & Health Care

Luis Vuitton and Health Care

Are you someone who enjoys premium brands like Luis Vuitton? Do you find satisfaction in the perfection of every stitch and the feel of quality leather? When you buy something of lesser quality you do not get that same feeling even though you saved a few bucks. If this sounds like you, then I bet you have realized that there are also premium services. From the landscaping at your house to the interior design of your house you realize the difference between Walmart and Luis Vuitton quality. The same can be said of health care services especially as wellness services and products are being looked at as a luxury good. So, if you value your health, why treat your health to something of lower quality when the Luis Vuitton of services is at the tip of your fingers!

What do you Value

I wrote an article on the Walmart of health care and touched on the topic of self worth and I wanted to dive a little deeper into it. We all have different values in life, for some it is family, health and experiences and for others it is business, travel and religion. The truth is that there is no wrong answer to what you value, the most important thing is to be true to who you are so that you can live a fulfilling life.

I urge everyone to find out what it is that you value in life so that you can focus on things that are important to YOU. Do not worry about what others think, their judgements are just a reflection of what they expect you to do. So focus what is important to you and let others focus on what is important to them, live your life because you only have one life to live.

Once you realize what it is that you value it becomes easier to decide what you want to focus your time, energy and money on. When you understand what you value and you invest into those things you will find satisfaction in your every day life. If you are unsure about the things you value, take a look at your last bank statement; what do you spend the most money on? Look at your calendar and ask yourself what do I always find more energy to do? These are the things that you value most.

Invest into what YOU value

Once you have identified what it is that you value, double down on it. Knowing that it is something that you value allows you to plan differently so that you can get the highest quality experience, product or service that will satisfy you. If you know that you LOVE Luis Vuitton, why in the world would you waste money buying a Walmart brand product when you know it does not satisfy your values?

It’s also ok if you cannot afford the highest quality item right now; if you know what you value and what you do not then you can sacrifice the things that you do not value so that you can afford the things that you do. In fact just changing the way that you invest your time into things that you do not value will create more time to do things of value to you or to do things that will lead you towards attaining what you truly value.

Asking Critical Questions

If you value something, does it make sense to purchase a service or product from someone who have a low value of that item or service? I certainly do not think so. That would be like buying a knockoff Luis Vuitton product. It may look alright on the outside but on the inside it just is not the same. In reality it is not about what things look like from other people’s perspective but what how you feel and perceive reality. For some the knock off brand may be what they want because they do not value the item; others couldn’t imagine buying that same product from any other brand.

Keep in mind though that your satisfaction is what you should be focused on and if you are buying something from someone who does not value what they are offering to you, then that product or service should only be sold to people who have a low value for that item. If it seems like something is too good to be true or that you are receiving much more in return that what you are paying for, chances are that the person offering you the product or service has a low value of what they are offering.

Luis Vuitton and Health Care

In the world of Health Care there are a variety of different ways that a Doctor can practice. Some like to practice like Walmart; high volume, low cost, low quality. For many patients this is exactly what they want. A quick fix or a pill for an ill to patch a symptom so they can go on with their day. Others Doctors decide to practice like Luis Vuitton; premium products with prices that match.

People who place a high value on their health find high value in these types of practices. They say things like: why pay anything for something that just gets you by, forcing you to rely on them again and again never really fixing the problem. People who have a high value on their health want a fix that is going to and they want that fix to be long lasting. Just realize you get what you pay for the next time you see a special discount saying: the first 30 people who schedule an appointment will get a new patient exam, Xray, adjustment and modality for only $29. 

Can you guess?

If you read this far, you probably can figure out how I value myself, the outcomes of my patients and the quality of care offered at Powers Chiropractic Group. We are the Luis Vuitton of Health Care

Colorado Springs Chiropractor

As a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs I am specialized in NeuroStructural Correction, meaning I use objective measurements to identify structural shifts of the spine outside of a normal structural range. These structural shifts causes an injury to the nerve system resulting in nerve inflammation and secondary conditions (Symptoms). Because I believe that seeing is knowing we take full spine structural radiographs to see the condition of the entire spine. I measure the height of each disc in the spine because they act as spacers for the nerve. Once a disc is bulged or herniated it can injure the nerve leading to a variety of health conditions.

The Science

Through science we know that the brain controls and coordinated the function of every cell and organ in the body and it uses the nerve system as the roadways for communication. If a nerve that travels down the leg is injured that person may experience sciatica, if a nerve that travels to the digestive tract is injured the person may experience a digestive issue. This is also why I use an instrument that measures for nerve inflammation. Anytime there is an injury in the body, inflammation will surround the injured tissue.

This inflammation changes the temperature of the injured tissue and the instrument that I use compares the temperature of the nerves exiting the spine at the same level. The temperature of these nerves should be very similar IF there is no nerve injury. When a nerve does get injured, I am able to pinpoint which nerve it is as well as if it is a new (Acute) or old (Chronic) injury based upon the temperature of the injured nerve. These two pieces of information (Full Spine Radiograph WITH objective measurements AND measuring for Nerve INFLAMMATION) sets our practice apart from the rest and is what makes me a NeuroStructural Chiropractor.

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