Massage Envy Vs Colorado Springs Chiropractor

Massage Envy Vs Powers Chiropractic Group

When you get a massage, do you go to places like Massage Envy or do you have ONE massage therapist that you know, like & trust? Everyone who has had a massage has an opinion. They may perceive that all massages are the same or that their massage therapist stands above the rest. The same can be said of Dentistry, Chiropractic, and other health services. In reality, there is no right or wrong if you make your decisions based on how much you value your health and the results of the service.

Massage Anywhere

You can get a massage Anywhere but each place has a different model. Take Massage Envy, their model is very unique in that it is focused on serving a high volume of clients at an economy rate. There are other businesses who have similar models such as Walmart. In health care these providers usually offer steep discounts. In the world of Chiropractic these offers look something like: $39 Exam, X-ray, Adjustment & Modality for the first 30 people who schedule appointments. They offer service at a discounted rate to individuals who would not normally decide to get treatment for a variety of reasons; I feel the biggest reason is that these individuals do not value the service at market cost, so they choose to seek treatment from offices who uses a similar model to Massage Envy.

Other businesses use a very different model; think about Luis Vuitton. Brands like this choose to serve their customers at a premium level. They understand that their customers prefer a higher quality product because they value what it is that they are purchasing. The same concept is used in healthcare. Many Healthcare providers choose to offer their patients the highest quality service that they can. They go the extra mile to make sure things are done the right way, the first time. Because there is more involved on the providers side, the cost of their services are on the premium side.

In both cases customers are satisfied since they are engaged at a level that they are comfortable based on their values of their health and the results that the service delivers.


Once someone knows where they value their health and the results that they are looking for it becomes very clear what type of health care model they are looking for. Whether it is Massage Envy and the Joint or Invigorate Massage & Fitness and Powers Chiropractic Group, Knowing what you value will help you make decisions about your health that are aligned with who you are. I believe each and every one of us are better off doing things that are congruent with who we are rather than doing things because others expect us to or will judge us because of the decisions that we make.

Massage Chairs

How about people who decide to purchase a massage chair; do you think there is anything wrong with that? There really shouldn’t be, even if you are a massage therapist. Yes, read that again if you are a massage therapist or any other service provider. People will choose to do things based on their values and that is ok. If someone values money more than a deep tissue massage focused on areas of high stress in their body, there is a good chance that person would not be a good client for you and the person may just be happier with their massage chair at home. They don’t necessarily value what you or I offer for that matter so why should they purchase our services. Personally, I would rather these people find the engagement level or commitment that they are comfortable with, so they are satisfied with themselves.

Chiropractic in Colorado Springs

As a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs, I like to educate our community on a variety of topics. One of the questions that comes up the most is: what is the difference between chiropractic and massage? So, I’d like to address that questions here.

Powers Chiropractic Group

At Powers Chiropractic Group we use an objective and conservative health care approach focused on the spine and nerve system. We assess how the structure of the spine is directly affecting the nerve system. In our office we run a model that is more similar to Luis Vuitton and very different from Massage Envy. Our office uses objective indicators to identify structural shifts of the spine outside of a normal structural range, similarly to how an engineer assesses the structural integrity of a building. Then we use instrumentation to identify nerve inflammation as the nerve system are exits the spine. This information is paired to create a well-rounded assessment of a patient’s condition which is used to generate a plan to correct the issue. In our office we identify symptoms that are really a secondary condition caused an injured nerve that resulted from a structural shift of the spine.

The Science

Through science we know that the brain controls and coordinated the function of every cell and organ in the body and it uses the nerve system as the roadways for communication. If a nerve that travels down the leg is injured that person may experience sciatica, if a nerve that travels to the digestive tract is injured the person may experience a digestive issue. This is also why I use an instrument that measures for nerve inflammation. Anytime there is an injury in the body, inflammation will surround the injured tissue.

This inflammation changes the temperature of the injured tissue and the instrument that I use compares the temperature of the nerves exiting the spine at the same level. The temperature of these nerves should be very similar IF there is no nerve injury. When a nerve does get injured, I am able to pinpoint which nerve it is as well as if it is a new (Acute) or old (Chronic) injury based upon the temperature of the injured nerve. These two pieces of information (Full Spine Radiograph WITH objective measurements AND measuring for Nerve INFLAMMATION) sets our practice apart from the rest and is what makes me a NeuroStructural Chiropractor.

Massage Envy

Massage Envy and many other health care providers who use a similar model have a different concern than offices and providers who are focused on a premium service. For instance, these providers may spend less time working on areas of the body that are more complex or take more time to work on to get the desired result. The byproduct is that you also pay less for the service. In addition to a different result, the experience in offices who have a model like Massage Envy will be different than an office who is positioned as the premium brand. The results is based upon what you value, how much effort you are willing to put in and the consistency of your care. Anyone can do something for a day, but are you going to achieve long term results?

Can you guess?

If you read this far, you probably can figure out how I value myself, the outcomes of my patients and the quality of care offered at Powers Chiropractic Group. We are NOT the McDonalds of Health Care.

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