McDonalds of Health Care?

Health has always been something of value, so ask yourself: am I choosing the McDonalds of health care? Some people may say that health is their highest value while others clearly value other things above their health. The truth is there is nothing wrong with either. I know, you are probably thinking wait a minute; you are a doctor and you think it is ok for people to have higher values than their health! And truthfully I do not think there is anything wrong with that. What I do think matters is that if someone does value their health they should invest in their health in proportion to how much they value their health. So choose the McDonalds of health care if it is aligned with your values. What I believe is that each of us should be true to who we are.

Are you Empowered?

If you are someone who values your health than I hope that you are empowered in making health decisions. What does that mean? Being empowered means: to make stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and their rights. So let me ask you, are you empowered when it comes to your health? Or are you relying on someone else to tell you what to do, making decisions about your health for you? If you NEED to ask someone before you make a decision about your health, then you are actually disempowered. Empowered people investigate things for themselves and objectively make decisions for about their life; they take responsibility for their life and do not do things just because someone told them to. I hope you begin to see that you need to be empowered in all aspects of your life, not just your health but your health is a great place to start.

Do you value your health?

If you are someone who values health you probably have a high self-value and you treat your body with things that you hold in high value. For some it is going to Yoga, following a specific diet or feeding your mind with positive thoughts. Whatever it is, just make sure that it is true to yourself otherwise it will be a short term investment into your health, and health is not something that you can buy once and hold onto forever. Truthfully you lease your health and you need to be investing back into it on a regular basis. So you either buy McDonalds over and over or you find satisfaction in a nice Mortons Steak.

Do you like where you are at?

Have you figured out if you value your health?

If so, look at the things that you spend money on related to health. Here are some things to think about if you do value your health:

Are you feeding yourself rocket fuel or are you putting in the cheapest fuel you can find?

Do you commit yourself to regular exercise or make fun of those who do?

Do you search for high quality services that could benefit your health or do you look for the cheapest options available?

These questions should hopefully give you some insight on where you actually stand; if you do not like where you are at, do not stay disempowered. Make a change for yourself, take responsibility because when you do achieve what you want you will feel empowered and fulfilled by what you have done for yourself rather than relying on others.

Why you should care?

Do you like money? If you said yes, then you should care about your health. If you put off taking care of your health now, mother nature will one day come knocking on your door and force you to stop what you are doing and force you to take care of yourself. It is easy to procrastinate in life, and that same procrastination when it comes to your health can put you or a loved one in a situation where you are literally fighting for your life. At that point you have no other choice but to begin investing in your health and it always cost more to fix a problem than it is to prevent a problem.

McDonalds or Mortons

In the world of Chiropractic there are a variety of different ways that a Doctor can practice. Some like to practice like McDonalds; high volume, low cost, low quality. For many people this is exactly what they want. A quick crack or pop to patch a symptom so they can go on with their day. Others decide to practice like Morton’s Steakhouse; made to order specifically the way each person likes their steak.

People who place a high value on their health find high value in these types of practices. They say things like: why pay anything for something that just gets you by, forcing you to rely on them again and again. People who have a high value on their health want a fix that is going to be long lasting. Just realize you get what you pay for the next time you see a special discount saying: the first 30 people who schedule an appointment will get a new patient exam, Xray, adjustment and modality for only $29.

Are you empowered?

I look at offers like this and ask myself:

What type of value does that Doctor have for him or herself?

Do they value the outcomes their patients are getting?

Does that Doctor choose the McDonalds of Health Care?

Empower yourself, ask the difficult questions and live your life in a way that is congruent with who you are no matter what that means.

You may be askig yourself: How do you, Dr. Al practice.

My Service

As a Chiropractor in Colorado Springs I am specialized in NeuroStructural Correction, meaning I use objective measurements to identify structural shifts of the spine outside of a normal structural range. These structural shifts causes an injury to the nerve system resulting in nerve inflammation and secondary conditions (Symptoms). Because I believe that seeing is knowing we take full spine structural radiographs to see the condition of the entire spine. I measure the height of each disc in the spine because they act as spacers for the nerve. Once a disc is bulged or herniated it can injure the nerve leading to a variety of health conditions.

The Science

Through science we know that the brain controls and coordinated the function of every cell and organ in the body and it uses the nerve system as the roadways for communication. If a nerve that travels down the leg is injured that person may experience sciatica, if a nerve that travels to the digestive tract is injured the person may experience a digestive issue. This is also why I use an instrument that measures for nerve inflammation. Anytime there is an injury in the body, inflammation will surround the injured tissue.

This inflammation changes the temperature of the injured tissue and the instrument that I use compares the temperature of the nerves exiting the spine at the same level. The temperature of these nerves should be very similar IF there is no nerve injury. When a nerve does get injured, I am able to pinpoint which nerve it is as well as if it is a new (Acute) or old (Chronic) injury based upon the temperature of the injured nerve. These two pieces of information (Full Spine Radiograph WITH objective measurements AND measuring for Nerve INFLAMMATION) sets our practice apart from the rest and is what makes me a NeuroStructural Chiropractor.

Can you guess?

If you read this far, you probably can figure out how I value myself, the outcomes of my patients and the quality of care offered at Powers Chiropractic Group. We are NOT the McDonalds of Health Care.

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