Sciatica and Chiropractic

Colorado Springs Chiropractor – Dr. Al Simeone – Discusses Sciatica and Chiropractic.

It is common for athletes to experience sciatic pain after an athletic event due to minor or major traumas that an athlete may experience during an event. These traumas cause structural shifts of the spine that injure nerves. Dr. Al Simeone talks about how he experienced sciatic nerve pain after an offseason football workout where he felt a pop in his lower back and two days later he felt sharp shooting pain down into his right leg and into his foot.

These types of injuries are often experienced by athletes during their sport season whether it be football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball or rugby. Sciatica may also be experienced by people who are avid skiers and snowboarders due to the stress placed on the spine. Once a bone in the spine has shifted outside of a normal range it injures nerves causing a variety of symptoms.

Dr. Al Simeone uses objective measurements to identify structural shifts of the spine that directly causes a nerve injury. He uses a full spine X-Ray to see the condition of the entire spine, never guessing with his patients health. He also measures for nerve inflammation which is an objective finding of an injured nerve. Patients are given a report of the condition of their spine as well as a plan of action that will restore the spine back to a normal structural alignment.

Athletes come into the office throughout their season to ensure that their body is functioning at a high level. Structural shifts can occur throughout the spine and may injure and irritate nerves that travel to different parts of the body. Depending on which nerve is injured and where that nerve travels to will determine what type of symptom or secondary condition is experienced.

Dr. Al Simeone is a 5 star rated chiropractor in Colorado Springs and specializes in treating high school athletes. His patients experience an increase in mobility & coordination, improved sustainability and they are able to gain a competitive edge.

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